XG-300J CNC buisprofilering en plaatsnijmachine 3 assen

snelle details

Staat: Nieuw, Nieuw
Model Number: XG-300J
Voltage: 220V / 380V / 110V
Nominaal vermogen: -
Dimensie (L * W * H): 3.5 * 2.6 * 0.4M
Gewicht: 175kg
Certificering: CE
Garantie: 1 jaar, 1 jaar
Service na verkoop: Ingenieurs beschikbaar voor het onderhoud van machines in het buitenland
Brand: Huawei
Rijsnelheid: 3000 mm / min
Machine type: XG-300J
Color: Silver and red
Snijmateriaal: metaal roestvrij staal koolstofstaal aluminium
Toepassing: industrieel metaal snijden
Snijmodus: plasmasnijden + vlamsnijden
Snijdikte: 0-200 mm


This machine is an automatic calculation and cutting equipment used for the steel tube end juncture. The machine can be widely used in construction, chemical industry, machinery, metallurgical industry and other industries, for pipe structural parts cutting processing. In these industries there is a large number of pipe junction, intersecting line hole, intersecting line end, also bend commonly known as "shrimp knob", such processing mostly uses template making, lineation, manual lofting, manual cutting, manual polishing and other backward and complicated ways. While this machine can expediently cut such work piece, and the operator does not need to calculate and manual program, only to input the parameters such as pipe’s radius and intersection angle, the machine can automatically cut tube’s intersecting line, intersecting hole and the welding groove.


Service na verkoop

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