A : Main machine assembly including: rack, beam, moving parts, pipe parts, transverse

slide line rack, vertical and transverse transmission parts and so on.

B :Rail assembly including : 6 pairs of main rail and assistant rail and accessories,

2 meters per pair.

C :Plamsa torch or flame torch

D : Electric control assembly including : electric cabinet, longitudinal and transverse

motors and accessories.

E: Gas assembly including : general pipe for three way of gas supplyelectromagnetism

valvepressure gaugetemper preventing equipment and so on.

F: Hoogteaanpassing: Torch Height Controllor (kan ander hoogtemateriaal snijden).


Features: cnc plasma cutting machin

1 Gelast draaibankbed van dikwandig geprofileerd staal, steviger en stabieler.

2 Redelijk draaibankontwerp, stalen platen van 10 mm dikte bevestigd op draaibanktafel bedekt met gegoten huls met spijkers. Stalen platen worden zelfs onder woedende vlammen niet beschadigd. Het niveauverschil van het hele dubbeldeksplatform blijft 0-1,5 mm.

3 Advanced material inclined discharging design. All finished work pieces and fragments slide into both sides of tunnel for safe and convenient collection.

4 Panasonic Servo motor, high accuracy rack transmission. Low noise, stable and accurate coordinate movement.

5 Start control system made in Sino-US joint venture and design Software Type3 and Ucancam with auto material saving function.

6 American Cut-Master power supply (Power: 100A) together with high sensitive arc pressure adjuster. Self-adjusting to choose the best distance between plasma head and work piece

automatically in order to ensure cutting accuracy.

7 Beste keuze voor alle soorten materiaal met verschillende diktes en het snijden van heterotypische platen.

Specifications: cnc plasma cutting machine

1Mechanical partMachinestructuurWhole welded steel tube, annealed,

dust proof on X&Y axis

Machine tableSteel blade bed with water tank
2Transmission partTransmission typeX&Y axis rack and pinion
Guide railsTaiwan HIWIN square rails and square sliders
ReducerGear box and belt
3Electric applianceDrive motorsHigh speed Stepper motors and drivers
Plasma torchOriginal Hypertherm plasma torch and cables
Plasma sourceHypertherm or Huayuan
LimitOmron limit
4Controle systeemCNC ControllerBeijing starfire controller
THC controllerAHa THC
5Software FastCAM


1Working area1500x3000mm (can be customized)
2Spanning380V 220V / 50Hz
3Idle speed≤25000mm/min
4Working speed≤8000mm/min
5Proces precisie± 0,5 mm
6Reposition precision± 0,05 mm
9Commando codeG-code
10PakketWooden case
12Bruto gewicht1800kgs

Applications: plasma cutting machine

cheap cnc plasma cutting machine applications industry:

Ship Building, Construction Equipment, Transport Equipment, Aerospace Industry,

Bridge Building, military industrial, wind power, Structural Steel, Boiler containers,

Agriculture Machinery, Chassis electrical cabinets, Elevator manufacturers, Textile

Machinery, Environmental protection equipment,ect.

cheap cnc plasma cutting machine applications Materials:

All kinds of metal materials such as steel, copper, aluminum and stainless steel can

be processed. Applies to iron plate, aluminum plate, galvanized sheet,

White Steel plate, Titanium plates, and so on like the sheet metal

snelle details

Conditie: nieuw
Plaats van herkomst: Shandong, China (vasteland)
Voltage: 380V
Rated Power: 6-21KW
Afmeting (L * B * H): 1300 * 2500 mm
Weight: 1300KG
Certificering: CE ISO
Garantie: 2 jaar
Service na verkoop: Ingenieurs beschikbaar voor het onderhoud van machines in het buitenland
Name: Low cost Plasma Cutter Sheet Steel CNC small Plasma Cutting Machine
Power supplier: China Top Huayuan power supply
Controlling system: Beijing Start Torch Heigth Controller
Software: Original FastCAM software
Motor: Stepper motor and driver
Transmission:Gear transmission
Rail: Round rails
Net weight / Gross weight: 1150kg / 1300kg
Werkgebied: 1300 * 2500 mm